Humane AI Pin

Elevate Your Look: Humane AI Pin, Enhanced by Imran Chaudhri

Get ready to boost your style game with Humane fantastic AI Pin, now even better, No screen, but lots of cool tricks! The device can shoot text and pictures onto your hand with a laser and has a handy camera for spotting things. Plus, it can record videos for you to watch later. The Pin weighs around 34 grams. The built-camera is 13-megapixel for photos and also respects your privacy.

They’ll start sending out orders in early 2024. It costs $699, and there’s also $24 monthly fee for a particular Humane subscription and you can start preordering them on November 16th!

humane ai pin

What this thing can actually do? Humane AI Pin

Humane talked about lots of cool things in their announcement, and many of them were shown by co-founder Imran Chaudhri in a demo at TED earlier this year. “You can do voice messaging and calling, get a quick summary of your emails with a “catch me up” feature, find out nutritional info about your food by showing it to the camera, and even do real-time translation. But the main thing this device does is act like an intelligent search engine that you can wear”. Humane plans to add more cool stuff like navigation and shopping, and they want other clever people to create their tools for it. It’s like a wearable gadget that keeps getting smarter.

With Humane AI Pin: Centre, you’re the boss of your stuff

With Humane AI Pin: Centre, you're the boss of your stuff

Your Ai Pin connects to this special place called the Humane. Centre to handle all your things like photos, videos, and notes. It’s like the home for your device, making everything easy from the first time you set it up to every day you use it. When you get your Ai Pin, you join in through a private portal to keep your info safe. This helps your device become just the way you like it!

Cool AI tools: Humane AI Pin

Cool AI tools

Humane joined forces with Microsoft and OpenAI to make Ai Pin super bright. This means it can use some of the most awesome AI tools out there, and it can keep adding new cool things as tech gets even better. What’s really neat is that Ai Pin works all on its own – no need for a buddy smartphone or anything like that. To make sure it stays connected wirelessly, Humane is starting its unique network, kind of like a VIP mobile club, and T-Mobile is its exclusive partner in the U.S.

Your privacy matters most: Humane AI Pin

Your privacy matters most

Humane AI Pin takes privacy super seriously. It only starts doing things when you want it to – no snooping around all the time. There are no particular words to wake it up, so it’s not always eavesdropping or recording. Ai Pin even has a Trust Light that shows when its sensors are doing stuff, and there’s a special chip just for privacy. If anything goes wrong, AI Pin plays it safe and shuts down until the experts at Humane can fix it up.


In a nutshell, Humane AI Pin, jazzed up with BetterAPK, is like a trendy sidekick for your style. It’s not just a regular pin – it’s a clever, easy-to-wear gadget that brings smarts to your outfit effortlessly. So, if you’re all about upgrading your look without any fuss, the AI Pin is your go-to fashion companion.

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