Terms and Conditions

Welcome to BetterAPK!

These rules explain how to use BetterAPK’s website at https://betterapk.org. If you use this website, we think you agree to follow these rules. If you don’t want to follow these rules, please don’t use BetterAPK.

Understanding the Terms

These words are important when we talk about the rules, privacy, and information on this site.

  • “Client,” “You,” “Your”: These words mean you, the person using this website and following our rules.
  • “The Company,” “Ourselves,” “We,” “Our,” “Us”: These words mean our company.
  • “Party,” “Parties,” and “Us”: These words refer to both you (the client) and us (the company).

All these words talk about how we work together, with you following our rules and providing the services you need. This is all based on the laws of the Netherlands. When we use words like “he/she” or “they,” it just means we’re talking about the same thing, whether it’s one person or more.


We use something called cookies when you visit BetterAPK. If you use BetterAPK, it means you’re okay with us using cookies, as explained in our Privacy Policy.

Cookies are like helpful tools used by many websites. They remember your details each time you come back. On our site, cookies help certain parts work better and make things smoother for you. Some friends we work with for ads might also use cookies.


Unless we say otherwise, BetterAPK and its partners own all the rights to the stuff on BetterAPK. These rights are important, and you can only use the things on BetterAPK for yourself, following the rules we’ve set here.

Here are some things you can’t do:

  • Share or publish stuff from BetterAPK.
  • Sell, rent, or let others use stuff from BetterAPK.
  • Copy or duplicate things from BetterAPK
  • Share the content from BetterAPK with others.

This agreement starts from the first day.

Sharing Your Thoughts

On some parts of this website, you can share your thoughts and information. BetterAPK doesn’t check, edit, or review these comments before they show up on the site. The comments you see don’t represent what BetterAPK, its agents, or friends think. They’re just the thoughts and opinions of the person who wrote them.

As allowed by the law, BetterAPK won’t be responsible for these comments or any problems they might cause.

Comments and Your Responsibilities

BetterAPK can keep an eye on all comments and may remove any that seem inappropriate, offensive, or go against the rules here.

When you leave a comment, you promise:

  1. You have the right to share it and all the permissions needed.
  2. Your comment doesn’t hurt anyone’s intellectual property rights (like copyrights or trademarks).
  3. Your comment isn’t mean, offensive, indecent, or against the law.
  4. Your comment isn’t trying to do business, promote things, or encourage illegal activities.

You also agree to let BetterAPK use, edit, and allow others to use and edit your comment in different ways.

Linking to Our Stuff

Certain groups can link to our website without asking first. These include:

  • Government agencies
  • Search engines
  • News organizations
  • Online directory distributors (like those listing other businesses)

Businesses that are accredited across a whole system can also link, but not non-profit groups, charity shopping places, or fundraising groups.

These groups can link to our home page, publications, or other info on our website, as long as the link is not tricky, doesn’t pretend we support them, and fits with what their site is about.

Asking to Link to Us

We might also say yes to link requests from:

  • Places that provide well-known info for consumers or businesses
  • Community sites that end in “.com”
  • Groups representing charities
  • Online directories
  • Internet portals
  • Accounting, law, and consulting firms
  • Educational institutions and trade associations

We’ll say yes if we think the link won’t make us look bad, the organization has a good record, the link helps us, and it’s about general info.

These groups can link to our home page, as long as it’s not tricky, doesn’t make it seem like we’re supporting them, and fits with their site.

If you’re one of these groups and want to link to us, send us an email at BetterAPK. Include your name, your organization’s name, contact info, your site’s URL, and which pages on our site you want to link to. It might take 2-3 weeks for us to get back to you.

How Approved Groups Can Link to Us

Groups we say yes to can link to our website in a few ways:

  • By using our company name
  • By using the web address (URL)
  • By using any other way that makes sense on their site and fits with what they’re talking about
  • But, they can’t use our logo or pictures without a special agreement.

Using Frames on Our Website

You can’t create frames around our webpages that change how our website looks without asking us and getting written permission first.

Responsibility for Content

We’re not responsible for anything that shows up on your website. You promise to keep us safe from any claims that come up because of your website. Make sure not to have any links on your site that could be seen as harmful, offensive, or against the law, or that go against someone else’s rights.

Your, Privacy

Please take a look at our Privacy Policy.

Rights We Keep

We can ask you to remove any or all links to our website. If we ask, you agree to take them down right away. We can also change these rules and our linking policy whenever we want. If you keep linking to our website, it means you agree to follow these rules.

Removing Links from Our Site

If you see a link on our site that you find offensive, let us know anytime. We might consider taking it down, but we don’t have to do it or reply directly to you.

We can’t guarantee that everything on this website is correct, complete, or up-to-date. We also can’t promise the website will always be available.