Write for Us

Betterapk.org is a professional service that edits photos. We do all sorts of things with Photoshop. On our blog, we share different stuff about photography, photo sessions, fixing up pictures, photography finishing touches, and how to use Photoshop.

Right now, we’re letting writers post their articles on our site. We like it when you share your creative ideas and thoughts with our readers, helping them learn more.
But before we move on, I want to make something clear. Your content needs to be about photography, editing, changing images, touching up pictures, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Remember, we’re a company that fixes up shots and only accepts articles about that stuff.

What Kinds of Writing Can You Send Us?

You can choose to write something informative or a review. We’re cool with tutorials and tips and tricks articles, too. It’s up to you to decide what content you want to create.
But here’s the catch: your content has to be about photography, editing photos, post-production photography, Photoshop, and Illustrator. If it’s not related, we’ll have to say no. So, if your content doesn’t match these topics, it’s best not to send it and save everyone’s time.
To understand what we like, read a few of our blogs. There are lots of them on our website. Please take a look and see what we’re looking for.

Here are some common types of content on our blog: write for us

Tips and tricks about photography/image editing
Mobile photography
Guides for photography/photo editing
Photoshop/Illustrator tutorials
“How to” articles
Reviews about photography tools/software
Post-production photography
Photography experiences
Photography tools
Solutions for common problems in photography/image editing
Different types of photography, like product photography, wedding photography, etc.
If your content doesn’t fit these categories, no worries. Contact us if your article is still a good fit for our site. We’ll read it and decide if it works for our blog.

Some other Topics We Love:

Photo Retouching
Color Grading Techniques
Digital Manipulation
Best Practices in Photo Editing Software
Creative Editing Ideas
Photo Editing for Social Media
Before-and-After Showcases
Trends in Photo Editing

Target Audience:

Photography Enthusiasts
Graphic Designers
Hobbyist Photographers
Professionals in Visual Arts
Digital Artists

Simple Rules to Follow

If you want to share your article on our blog, there are some simple rules to remember. Let’s go through them:

  1. Only write about a topic we’ve already covered if you have a unique perspective to share.
  2. Your content must be creative and entirely original. We don’t allow any copying, even a little bit.
  3. Do your homework! Make sure your article is well-researched and has all the needed information.
  4. Say no to grammar mistakes. Your article should be error-free when you submit it.
  5. Send your content in .doc format, a Word file, or a Google doc.
  6. Attach a featured image with your article. Use jpg, jpeg, or png format; the image should be 1280×720. Original photos are preferred.
  7. Tell us a bit about yourself! Add your author bio along with your content.
  8. Aim for your article to be between 1000 -1200 words. The length might vary based on your topic.
  9. Include valuable links in your content, but avoid linking to low-quality sites. We check link quality before publishing.


We want everything to be clear, so here are some essential rules you need to follow if you want to write for us:

  1. Your content must be completely free of plagiarism. We check for this before publishing; if we find any, we won’t publish your article.
  2. Keep an eye out for grammar mistakes. Use a paid tool and proofread to make sure your content is error-free.
  3. Our editorial team can make changes to your article if needed.
  4. The article you sent us shouldn’t be published anywhere else.
  5. Too many backlinks in your content will be rejected. We only allow one do-follow link in the body content.
  6. No promotional content is allowed.
  7. If you use someone else’s words, give them credit, or we won’t publish your content.
  8. Only write about a topic we’ve already covered if you have a unique angle to share.
  9. If you don’t agree with any of these rules, we won’t be able to publish your content.

Why You Should Contribute to Our Blog

Writing a guest post is a fantastic way to boost yourself and your websites. It brings more people to your page and helps your business grow. What’s not to love?
Here are the perks you get from writing for us:

Be Recognized as a Content Writer:

People will know you as a great writer.

Promote Yourself or Your Business:

Share what you do with a broader audience.

Expand Your Network:

Connect with new people in your field.

Get a New Backlink for Your Website:

Improve your website’s visibility.

Quick Exposure to Targeted Audiences:

Reach the right people faster.

How to Send Us Your Writing

The easiest way to get in touch with us is through email. If you have something that fits our page and you’d like it to be on our site, send us an email at [email protected].
Attach your content in a .doc/word file or a Google doc, and include any images. Make sure to put ‘Guest Post’ in the subject line. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you’ve followed our simple rules and kept to the terms and conditions, you should see your content on our blog in a few days.
A month if you have been waiting to hear from us for a long time, you can publish your article somewhere else without worrying about plagiarism.