PicsArt Color – Painting, Draw for android

PicsArt Color – Painting, Draw for android

Picsart Color is an incredible app designed for painting and drawing enthusiasts. It offers a wide range of tools and features to unleash your creativity. With a vast selection of brushes, customizable colors, layers, and blending modes, you have complete control over your artwork. Whether you prefer digital painting, sketching, or intricate illustrations, Picsart Color offers the tools to create beautiful and vibrant artwork.

Picsart Color serves as a hub for learning, inspiration, and collaboration. It’s a powerful and accessible tool that empowers artists to unleash their creativity and create captivating digital artwork. On the other hand, Picsart Drawing is an impressive app that caters to the needs of artists and doodlers alike. With a wide range of drawing tools and features, it provides a digital canvas for creating expressive and visually captivating artwork.

Best Features: PicsArt Color

Diverse Brush Collection

With the Diverse Brush Collection, you’ll find a wide range of brushes to suit every artistic need. Whether you want to sketch, paint, doodle, or create stunning digital art, we’ve got you covered! Explore a rich palette of brushes, from smooth and delicate strokes to bold and textured ones. Create breathtaking landscapes, adorable portraits, and imaginative designs with just a swipe of your finger.

Customizable Colors

Whether you’re sketching, painting, or doodling, Customizable Colors in PicsArt Color is your key to unlocking a world of endless artistic possibilities. With just a few taps, you can create your own color palettes, tailoring every shade to match your imagination. The process is fun and intuitive, ensuring that every stroke you make adds a personal touch to your artwork.

Layer Support

With Layers, you can take your creations to a whole new level of awesomeness. Imagine having transparent sheets where you can draw, paint, and add stickers separately, and then stack them together to form a stunning final image. It’s like magic at your fingertips. It gives you the power to edit and fine-tune each element of your artwork independently. Add depth, play with blending modes, and even adjust the opacity to create captivating visual effects.

Blending Modes

Blending Modes allow you to merge different layers in creative ways. Easily experiment with various options, such as Multiply, Screen, Overlay, and more, to achieve stunning results. It’s as simple as a few taps, yet endless possibilities exist. Get ready to take your editing skills to new heights with PicsArt’s Blending Modes.

Negative image

In this exciting feature, PicsArt lets you flip the colors of your photos to create a mesmerizing and unique look. With the Negative Image effect, you can effortlessly play with shadows and highlights, turning dark areas into bright ones and vice versa. It’s like exploring a parallel universe where everything is beautifully reversed.

Pop photos

With Pop Photos in PicsArt, you can make colors more vibrant, adjust contrast, and add a touch of magic to your images. It’s a fantastic way to make your photos truly pop and leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them. Pop Photos is here to make your pictures shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this provides a wide range of brushes and drawing tools, perfect for sketching and doodling.

Yes, this provides a diverse color palette with various shades and tones for you to explore and use in your artwork.

Yes, PicsArt Color, Drawing supports layers, giving you the ability to work on different elements of your artwork separately and combine them later for stunning effects.

Yes, this offers special effects like the “Negative Image” effect, allowing you to invert colors in your photos and create captivating visual transformations.


In conclusion, PicsArt Color, Drawing is an incredibly versatile and user-friendly app that empowers everyone to explore their creative potential. With its diverse brush collection, customizable colors, and support for layers, the app offers a seamless and enjoyable drawing experience for both beginners and seasoned artists alike.