Picsart color painting & draw

What’s the difference B/W PicsArt vs PicsArt Color Painting & Draw?

When unleashing your creativity, PicsArt and PicsArt Color Painting & Draw are like two friendly art studios in your pocket. PicsArt is a versatile app that lets you edit photos, add filters, and create fabulous designs, while PicsArt Color Painting & Draw is all about letting you paint and draw from scratch, making your digital canvas come alive.

PicsArt is your go-to for editing and enhancing photos, while PicsArt Color Painting & Draw is your digital canvas for unleashing your inner artist. Both apps offer unique creative avenues for different types of visual expression. Here’s a discussion of a comparison of the best main points between PicsArt and PicsArt Color Painting & Draw.


Editing vs. Drawing: Picsart Color Painting & Draw

Editing, like what you do with PicsArt, is about improving and stylizing photos you’ve already taken. You can add cool effects, change colors, and make your photos look amazing. Drawing, on the other hand, which you can do with PicsArt Color Painting & Draw, is all about starting from a blank canvas and creating your pictures and designs using digital brushes and colors.


Photo Enhancements

It means making your photos look even better than when you first took them. With tools like PicsArt, you can brighten up a dark picture, make colors more vibrant, and even remove unwanted objects.


Artistic Creation

It’s all about making beautiful things using your imagination and creativity. With PicsArt Color Painting & Draw, you can be an artist without needing paints and brushes. You use your finger or a stylus on your device’s screen to draw, paint, and create digital art.


Brush Variety

In PicsArt Color Painting & Draw, you’ll find various brushes that let you paint or draw in different styles. Some brushes make thick lines, while others make thin ones. There are even brushes that can mimic the look of watercolors or pencils. Having many brush options means you can be creative in many ways, just like choosing different paintbrushes when you paint on paper.


Design Elements

Design elements” are like the unique ingredients you add to your art or photos to make them unique and exciting. In PicsArt, these elements include things like stickers, text, and overlays. Text allows you to write words in different fonts or messages on your photos, making them personal and expressive.


Effects and Filters

These are like special tools that can change the look and mood of your photos in a snap. In PicsArt, you can find many cool effects and filters to make your pictures stand out. Filters can add colors, change lighting, or make your photo look vintage or artistic. Effects are like little magic touches that can add sparkles, blurs, or other exciting twists to your photos.



Each has a different purpose. PicsArt’s primary purpose is to help you enhance and edit photos. It’s like a toolbox for making your pictures look better, adding filters, and creating eye-catching designs. On the other hand, PicsArt Color Painting & Draw is all about letting you draw and paint digitally. Its purpose is to be a canvas for your creativity, where you can start and create your artwork from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is mainly used for editing and enhancing photos.

It is focused on digital drawing and painting.

No, this is the app to use for creating drawings with brushes.

PicsArt is ideal for enhancing selfie or travel photos to make them look more appealing.


In conclusion, PicsArt and PicsArt Color Painting & Draw are like creative playgrounds. PicsArt is perfect for those who want to edit and enhance photos, adding filters, stickers, and text to make their pictures pop. On the other hand, PicsArt Color Painting & Draw is designed for artistic souls who enjoy drawing and painting digitally, providing a canvas for their imagination to come to life.