PicsArt Adds text to Video

How PicsArt Adds text to Video: 5 Best Features

Do you know how PicsArt adds text to video? It is super useful because it makes the process easy and fun! Adding text to videos helps people understand what’s happening, like explaining a story or a message. It has cool features like lots of different fonts and colors, and you can even make the text move, so it’s exciting to watch.

So, if you want to make your videos awesome, it is a great choice.

Picsart Add Text to Video

Best Features

Picsart Adds Text to Video

Using PicsArt to add text to videos comes with some fantastic features. Here are some:

Picsart Adds Text to Video


Explain Stuff

It serves as a tool to make the content more transparent and straightforward, ensuring that your audience can easily follow the story or message you’re trying to convey. So, by adding text, you’re enhancing the overall viewer experience and making your video content more understandable.


Highlight Important Stuff

When you want to draw attention to something special in your video, like a funny moment or a key message, it can help. It lets you highlight important stuff by making the text stand out with different colors, sizes, and styles.


Brand Your Video

With PicsArt, you can add your logo, website, or any text representing you or your company. Like your favorite snacks have logos on the packages, branding your video with text helps people remember you and what you’re all about.


Boost Social Media

PicsArt’s text can grab people’s attention on social media, helping you get more likes, shares, and followers. So, it’s like adding a sparkly touch to your posts, making them more popular and fun.



Animations are like tiny dances for your text or stickers. You can make words bounce, twirl, or slide into your video, making it cool to watch. Like how cartoons make you giggle with their funny movements, PicsArt lets you add playful animations to your videos.


In short, PicsArt adding text to videos can be a powerful tool to make your content more understandable, engaging, and accessible. It helps clarify your message, keeps viewers interested, and breaks language barriers. However, using text thoughtfully is essential, avoiding distractions and maintaining a visually appealing and professional look.