One Year Celebration by PicsArt

One Year Celebration by PicsArt: Creative joys and Community Growth

This year has gone by quickly. We’re excited to tell you that, once again, there’s been an incredible amount of creativity on Picsart! This year was no different, with all the fantastic social posts, ads, selfies, GIFs, and videos you made.

It was a special year for our community because we introduced our biggest community feature ever: Spaces. So, let’s take a moment to look back at some of the coolest things that happened in 2023.

A Year of Creative Brilliance - Over 9 Billion Edits

Can you imagine? The PicsArt community-edited more than 9 billion images this year! That’s an incredible amount of creativity shining through screens. They introduced many new tools on the Picsart app this year and played a significant role in reaching this fantastic number. Every edit you make shows off your unique style and vision. Big applause to you for filling the digital world with unique Picsart creations! Look at how awesome you are!

AI Magic Unleashed Over 800 Million Creations

Guess what? AI isn’t just something for the future; it’s happening now. You have made over 800 million images using our AI Image Generator, showing how creative and imaginative you can be. These AI masterpieces are extraordinary, from beautiful landscapes to cool abstract art. Let’s check out some fabulous creations from our community!

Picart didn’t just stick to editing pictures. It brought out a bunch of over 60 new tools! Recently, it introduced Picsart Ignite, a set of smart tools for everyone – whether you’re a marketer or a fan of memes. Some excellent tools they like include the AI Logo Generator, AI GIF Generator, AI Avatar for Couples and Pets (added to the Avatar tool that launched last year), and many easy-to-use tools in Quick tools. They’re all here to make your creative journey even more fun!

This year, Picsart introduced a cool new feature for you: Spaces! It’s a special place to share your hobbies and create things with other community members. Since the launch, thousands of people like you have joined, making over 200 Spaces. Taylor Swift and lots of cool AI-themed ones inspire spaces. And guess what? The number of Spaces is going up every day! These groups are like your digital playground, where you can explore, create, and connect in ways you’ve never done before. Start finding or creating your own Space right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a special time where we celebrate a whole year of creativity and community growth.

We’ve experienced creative joys and seen our community grow in amazing ways.

Picsart has been a hub for creativity, bringing people together to share and create.

The celebration focuses on the creative achievements and the flourishing community spirit.

The community has been at the heart of our celebration, contributing to a year of creative successes.


In short, as we close the chapter on our One Year Celebration by PicsArt, it’s been an amazing journey filled with creative joy and community growth. We’ve shared, learned, and created together, making Picsart a vibrant space for all talents. This celebration isn’t just about the past year; it’s a stepping stone into more exciting times ahead. Here’s to more creativity, connections, and beautiful moments together.