New Year's in Style with PicsArt DIY Invitations

New Year’s in Style with PicsArt DIY Invitations

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to get excited about New Year’s Eve! It’s a special night to have fun and enjoy with your friends. Why not create awesome invitations with PicsArt to make it even more special?

Designing stunning invites sets the perfect mood for the night. Making memorable invitations can be easy with PicsArt’s user-friendly tools. We’re here to help make your New Year’s invitations awesome.

Creating designs with PicsArt is super easy! Say goodbye to the stress of dealing with invitations this year—we’ve got you covered. In the words of Pop Icon Jessie J, “It’s my party; I’ll do what I want!”

What is PicsArt Invitations?

PicsArt Invitations are ready-made designs that you can use to create personalized invitations easily. These come with cool designs and layouts, making it simple to add your details and customize them to make your new year memorable.

How to make a New Year’s in Style with PicsArt DIY Invitations Templates

PicsArt Invitations templates make the process fun and easy to use. Now the question is how to make this let’s start.


Choose the perfect Template

Design Options:

  • Choose between creating a design from scratch or using one of PicsArt’s templates.
  • Start with our recommended pre-made canvas sizes in the Layout section for a new design, selecting “Flyer” for a good working space.

Using Templates:

  • To use a template, search for “New Year’s Eve” and select “Invitation 5×7” in the size section.
  • Explore various template options available for customization.

Consider the Vibe:

  • Match the chosen design to your desired atmosphere for your celebration.
  • PicsArt offers many styles, from bright and quirky to chic and sophisticated.

Now, it’s essential to pick a design that matches the vibe of your night.


Customizing Your Invitation with PicsArt Made Easy

Choose Your Design:

  • Pick a design that suits your style and event theme.

Editing Text:

  • Add essential details like location, start time, and dress code.
  • Explore different font styles in the Fonts section to find the one that fits your vibe.
  • Adjust text size and color to make it just right.

Add Personal Touch:

  • Make your invitation unique by incorporating your own images and graphics.
  • Think about adding fireworks, champagne glasses, or anything special that represents “you.”

Layout Adjustments:

  • Consider rearranging information for better visibility on the page.
  • Experiment with layout changes based on your preferences.

Color Scheme Choices:

  • Play with different color schemes to evoke the right feelings for your occasion.
  • Different colors convey different emotions, so choose a palette that resonates with the mood of your event.

Adding Your Personal Touch with PicsArt

Get Creative:

  • Let your creativity shine by adding personal touches to your invitation design.

Include Personal Photos:

  • Make your invitation extra special by adding personal photos.
  • Use the Collage tool to combine multiple pictures easily. Just choose your images, select a layout, and you’re done!

Fun Stickers:

  • Explore a variety of fun Stickers to add a playful touch to your design.
  • Search for sparkles, lights, confetti, or any other theme you like, and pick your favorites.

Subtle Enhancements with Filters:

  • Add a touch of magic with fun filters for a subtle yet impactful enhancement.
  • Choose from a variety of filters to give your design that extra shine.

Simple Additions, Big Impact:

  • Small additions like personal photos, stickers, and filters can make a big difference in making your invitations stand out.
  • Don’t hesitate to try these features and see the creative magic unfold!

Finalizing and Sharing Your Invitation with PicsArt

Ready to Share:

  • When your invitation is all set and looks how you want it, it’s time to share it with others.

Saving Your Design:

  • Click on “export” to save your design to your device.

Printing Invites (Optional):

  • If you prefer printed invites, you can now print your design.

Digital Sharing:

  • Attach your invitation file to your preferred messaging app and hit send for a digital approach.
  • Alternatively, email your invites or share them on your social media platforms.

Endless Opportunities:

  • The possibilities are endless—share your invites in the way that suits you and your event best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Use the Collage tool to include personal pictures effortlessly.

Yes, explore a variety of stickers to add a playful touch to your design.

Yes, Apply fun filters to give your design that extra shine.

Simply click “export,” and your design will be saved to your device.

Yes, if you prefer printed invites, you can easily print your design.


In conclusion, celebrating New Year’s in style with PicsArt DIY Invitations is fantastic! With easy-to-use tools, you can customize your invitations, add personal touches like photos and stickers, and make them uniquely yours. When your design is ready, saving and sharing it is simple. PicsArt makes the entire process stress-free, ensuring your New Year’s invites are as unique as the celebration.