Make Transparent Images with PicsArt

Make Transparent Images with PicsArt

Discovering how to make transparent images with picsart may sound hard, but it’s actually quite simple! Whether you’re a designer, a content maker, or just want to jazz up your pictures, you’re in the perfect spot.

We’ll walk you through the steps of making an image transparent and share some cool tips to enhance your social media posts. Learn how to do it with just a few clicks (or taps!)—even if you’re not an editing expert.

Transparent Image

Transparent Image

Let’s start with the basics: What is transparency, and how does it work in editing? A transparent image is a digital picture with see-through parts, so you can see what’s behind those areas. Instead of a solid background, some parts or the whole background of the image are clear.
Being transparent lets you take out the background of an image, making it fit in with various backgrounds or layers. It’s a cool editing trick that can give your designs a lot more options.

When you’re talking about, how to make an image transparent, you’ll encounter different types of file formats. Three common ones are PNG, JPG (or JPEG), and GIF, and each has its own way of dealing with transparency. Let discuss them to understand well.



PNG files can be transparent. They use something called an alpha channel, allowing different levels of see-through in an image. So, parts of a PNG picture can be completely clear, somewhat see-through, or totally solid.
PNG doesn’t lose any details when it’s compressed, keeping images super clear. This is great for pictures that need to be sharp and detailed, especially those with text or fine lines.



JPG doesn’t do transparency. Because it lacks an alpha channel, it can’t show transparent parts. Any clear area in a JPG image usually gets filled with a solid color, often white.
Unlike PNG, JPG uses a compression method that sacrifices a bit of image quality to make the file smaller. This compression might make the image a bit blurry, especially if it has text, sharp lines, or strong contrasts.



GIF does support transparency but only with one color that is entirely see-through. This means a GIF can have one transparent color, but it can’t have different levels of transparency.
GIFs are also limited to 256 colors, which may affect image quality, especially in pictures with gradients or lots of colors.

Transparent images are super handy because they can smoothly fit into all sorts of different backgrounds. Whether you’re into social media, personal projects, or professional design, here are some cool ways to use pictures with see-through backgrounds:

  • Social Media Posts and Profile Pics:

Make your social media posts and profile pictures stand out by adding a clear background. This makes your visuals blend perfectly with different layouts or backgrounds on social media platforms.

  • Personal Design Projects:

If you’re creating invitations, greeting cards, or your own artwork, transparent images give you the freedom to mix and match elements without worrying about backgrounds clashing.

  • Customized GIFs and Memes:

For your personalized GIFs or memes, transparent images are a must. They let you add characters, objects, or text without a fixed background, bringing more creativity to your storytelling.

  • Graphic Design and Branding:

Designers love using transparent images, especially PNGs, for logos, icons, and branding materials. A clear background ensures that a logo looks sharp and professional on marketing materials, websites, or products.

  • Presentations and Reports:

In professional presentations or reports, transparent images boost visual appeal. You can place clear visuals over backgrounds or blend them into slides, creating a polished look without messing up the overall layout.

Creating transparent photos is not as tricky as it seems, especially when you use tools like Picsart. Unlike some complicated editing tools, Picsart is beginner-friendly and gets the job done in just a few simple steps. Here’s how you can make your pictures transparent with Picsart’s easy editing features.

On the web

  • Open your picture in the Picsart Editor and select the “Remove BG” tool.
  • Watch as AI magic takes away the background, leaving only the main part of your image. To save the see-through picture, click “Next.”
  • Now, you have transparent images ready to be used for cool edits or sharing fun memes.

On mobile

  • Open the Picsart app and tap the “+” icon at the bottom to upload your image.
  • Click “Remove BG” on the bottom toolbar to get rid of the background, making your image transparent.
  • Customize your image as you like, and you’re all set to create awesome logos, social media posts, and more.

Creating a transparent PNG image is easy! Just follow these steps or use Picsart’s quick background remover tool.

  • Follow the Steps Above:

Use the instructions provided or let Picsart’s instant background remover do the work to give your PNG image a transparent background.

  • Save Your PNG:

After remove the background and save your PNG image with its new transparent background. Simple!

  • Edit with Picsart:

Want to add more flair? Choose “Edit my image” in Picsart. Now, you can pick a new background color, change the backdrop, or even let AI create a cool background for you. Have fun experimenting!

Creating a transparent logo is easy! Just follow these steps. Once you’ve added your logo, use AI to remove the background. Click on the white and gray checkered box to make the background transparent.

Having a transparent logo means there’s no background, so it can smoothly fit in with various backgrounds, colors, or textures. This ensures your brand logo looks professional and consistent on websites, social media, printed materials, and merchandise.

Make your Logo Transparent

Transparent logos also help keep your brand looking the same everywhere. Without a background, the logo keeps its original colors, shapes, and design elements, making sure your brand identity stays consistent across different marketing materials and platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Picsart uses AI to remove the background of your image quickly.

Transparent images can blend seamlessly with different backgrounds, making them versatile for various projects.

It’s just a few steps! Open your image, use the “Remove BG” tool, and save the transparent image.

Yes, transparent images are great for overlaying on different backgrounds to create stunning collages.

Picsart is beginner-friendly with a simple interface, making it easy to create transparent images for your creative projects.


In short, Picsart has easy tools and a simple setup, making it super easy to make transparent images with picsart. Once you know how to make a picture transparent, you can do so many cool things! Put it on different backgrounds, make awesome collages, or use it as a flexible part of your designs. Get started on your creations today!