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Call of Duty

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Google Play IDcom.activision.callofduty.shooter
DeveloperTencent Games
Size2.6 GB
MOD Features1- Battle Royale gameplay with 100 players.
2- Realistic graphics and HD audio.
3- Solo, duo, and squad play options.
4- Customizable controls and voice chat.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5-APK Download for Android

Do you like to play full of action games? Yes, Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best first-person shooter (FPS) games, which is now available on mobile devices. It brings thrilling, famous gameplay to your phone that has intense multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill-Confirmed on classic maps such as Shipment, Raid, and Standoff. It also includes a 100-player Battle Royale mode. Enjoy the exciting world of CALL OF DUTY

This season introduces new maps, weapons, and characters, adding more excitement to the gameplay. Players can experience new modes and challenges, making the game more engaging. The graphics and sound effects have also been improved, offering a more immersive experience for gamers.

Call of Duty – Mobile Season 5 Best Features

New Maps for Diverse Gameplay

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 introduces a variety of new maps that cater to different playstyles. From classic favorites like Shipment and Raid to brand-new environments, each map offers unique tactical challenges and opportunities for players to explore and conquer.

Arsenal of New Weapons and Equipment

Season 5 expands the arsenal of weapons and equipment, providing players with new firearms such as assault rifles and sniper rifles. Each weapon comes with customizable attachments and unique characteristics, allowing players to tailor their load outs to fit their preferred combat style. New equipment like tactical grenades and special abilities further enhance gameplay strategies, offering versatility on the battlefield.

Expanded and Refined Game Modes

In Season 5, Call of Duty Mobile xpands and refines its game modes. Alongside classic modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination, players can engage in new challenges such as Capture the Flag and Hardpoint. These modes promote teamwork, strategy, and varied gameplay experiences, ensuring there’s always something exciting to dive into.

Rewarding Battle Pass Progression

The Battle Pass in Season 5 continues to be a compelling feature, offering a progression system that rewards players with exclusive cosmetic items, weapon skins, operator outfits, and in-game currency. By completing daily and weekly challenges, players can unlock these rewards and showcase their achievements on the battlefield.

Enhanced Graphics and Performance

Season 5 brings enhanced graphics and performance improvements, delivering stunning visuals and smooth gameplay across a wide range of mobile devices. Optimizations ensure a consistent and responsive gaming experience, whether players are using high-end smartphones or more modest tablets.

Community Events and Competitive Tournaments

To foster community engagement and competitive spirit, Season 5 introduces community events and tournaments. These events provide opportunities for players to test their skills, compete against others, and earn prestigious rewards. They also encourage players to improve their the gameplay, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and immerse themselves in the vibrant Call of Duty Mobile community.

New Operator Skills and Characters

Season 5 introduces new Operator Skills and characters to the game. These skills offer unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle, ranging from defensive shields and drone support to powerful airstrikes and tactical enhancements. Players can choose Operators that complement their playstyle and team strategies, adding depth and variety to gameplay.

Seasonal Events and Limited-Time Modes

In Season 5, players can participate in seasonal events and limited-time modes that offer exclusive rewards and thematic gameplay experiences. These events introduce special challenges and objectives that refresh regularly throughout the season, encouraging players to return and explore new content while earning unique rewards.

Whether Call of Duty is okay for kids depends on what’s in the game and how old the child is. Call of Duty games are usually rated M (Mature) because they can have intense violence, realistic war scenes, and strong language. This means they’re made for players 17 and up.

Is Call of Duty suitable for kids?

Parents should think about a few things:

  1. Age: Call of Duty isn’t meant for kids under 17 because of its content.
  2. Violence and Themes: The games show a lot of fighting and can be realistic, so parents should decide if their child is ready for that.
  3. Parental Controls: Most game systems let parents set rules about which games their kids can play based on the game’s rating.


Yes, Call of Duty games often allow players to customize their characters with different outfits, weapons, and accessories. This customization can affect gameplay and how your character looks in multiplayer matches.

Yes, many Call of Duty games include single-player campaigns. These campaigns have a storyline where players follow a character through missions, facing challenges and uncovering a narrative set in various war scenarios.

Call of Duty games are available on various platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and mobile devices. This allows players to choose their preferred platform for gaming, whether it’s a console, computer, or smartphone.

Call of Duty is popular for its realistic graphics, intense gameplay, and variety of game modes. It appeals to gamers who enjoy competitive multiplayer action and immersive storytelling in military settings.

Yes, Call of Duty games often feature multiplayer modes where players from around the world can compete against each other in teams or individually. It’s known for its fast-paced action and teamwork.


In short, Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 improves the gaming experience with its different maps, expansive weapon options, refined game modes, rewarding progression system, enhanced performance, and engaging community events. It also offers something exciting and challenging for everyone to enjoy.

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