Black Friday Banner

PicsArt Pro Black Friday Banner: Tips and Ideas to Make Your Sale Stand Out!

Do you know about black Friday banner? It is a day when almost every brand starts to make the last significant effort to finish the year on a high note with bold product promotions and sales. For this purpose, they use unique banners to introduce their brand sale. If your brand doesn’t stand out with a catchy Black Friday banner, you might lose sales to others.

For this, making a successful Black Friday plan is here. This article gives you all the tips, showing off great Black Friday ideas and banner sample suggestions. It helps ensure your business gets noticed by the right people at the right time.

If you can come up with the best plan, you’ll shine among all the other ads and convince customers your brand is the best. Here’s how to begin, especially with a catchy Black Friday banner.


Make a Catchy Headline

Start by grabbing people’s attention with a fantastic headline. Keep it short and simple to make folks look at your banner. Also, pick a good font – most Black Friday banners use bold styles, but you can get creative with modern or calligraphy fonts. If you’re unsure what to write, we’ve got handy tools like our AI Writer, including an Ad Writer, to help with your Black Friday writing. They’re fast, easy to use, and the best part – they’re free! Save time and money when getting ready for your Black Friday deals.


Easy Design

Banners can be big or small, depending on if they’re for email, a blog, or an ad. Because there’s little space, how you set things up is crucial. Make a simple banner by putting in only the most essential stuff and leaving out the extra stuff. This helps people immediately see all the necessary info when they look at your banner.


Make People Act Fast

In holiday ads, the good Black Friday ones all do one thing – they make you feel like you need to act quickly.
During Black Friday, people are super focused on getting the best deals. So, you want to use that feeling of missing out to get them to buy. Offer discounts for a short time and use words like “limited,” “today only,” or “last chance” to push them to click ‘Buy Now.”


Pick Colors That Grab Attention

Not sure what colours to use for your Black Friday banner? Use colours to make people feel something special. You might have seen lots of Black Friday banners using black because black means power, authority, and elegance, which is perfect for Black Friday. Also, use colours that are part of your brand’s style guide to help people recognize your brand.


Make People Want to Click

Remember how important it is to tell people what to do. It’s like the last little nudge to get them to act; using the right words can make a difference. Remember that feeling of needing to buy something before it’s gone? Words like ‘final few’ make you more likely to click ‘Buy Now.’ So, when making a Black Friday banner, make sure the words telling people what to do are clear, short, and stand out without taking away from the other cool stuff on the banner.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the United States, and it’s getting popular worldwide every year. Right now is the perfect time to plan your Black Friday marketing. You don’t have to be a pro designer – you can use free design templates to bring your favourite Black Friday banner ideas to life. Here’s how to make a Black Friday sale banner.

On Online

  • Go to the Picsart Web Editor and start a new project. If you already have a picture of what you’re selling, click on Upload and put in your image
  • Next, click on Text on the left side of the screen to get to the text tools. Choose a size for your title and type in your words.
  • Make the words look how you want by using the text tools at the top and on the left side. We changed the font and how big the words are here.
  • You can also pick a colour for the words that match your brand. Click on the colour wheel and use the dropper or type in the colour code.
  • Add in other things like stickers for sales and different filters. When finished, click Export and Download to save your Black Friday banner design. You can also change the file type and make your picture bigger if you need to.

On your Phone

  • Open the Picsart app and tap the plus sign (+) to start a new project. Choose your product photo from your photo collection.
  • If you want to add a special message to attract customers, slide to the Text tool in the editing menu. Write your letter, then tap Font to pick a cool font. Tap Color to choose a colour for your words. Use two fingers to move your message around if you need to.
  • Play around with tools like Highlight, Text Styles, Opacity, Blend, and others until your picture looks right. Tap Apply to save your changes. Keep designing by adding fun sale stickers, effects, masks, your brand logo, and more.
  • Once you’ve made your excellent Black Friday design, tap Apply, then Next, and save your image to your phone or share it with the Picsart community.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are examples of banners created using the PicsArt Pro app for Black Friday promotions.

You can find PicsArt Pro Black Friday banner samples by using the PicsArt app.

It depends on your PicsArt subscription. If you have PicsArt Pro, you may have access to certain premium features for free. Check your subscription details for more information.

Yes, You can customize them by editing the text, colors, fonts, and other elements to suit your brand and promotion.

After customizing your banner, simply tap on “Apply” and then “Save” to download the edited image to your device.


In conclusion, PicsArt Pro Black Friday banner samples offer a creative and user-friendly way to design eye-catching banners for your special promotions. It provides accessible tools to customize banners with unique text, colours, and styles. With the freedom to personalize and share your designs, PicsArt Pro empowers users to make their Black Friday promotions stand out and leave a lasting impression on their audience. To understand PicsArt pro branding, read our next article what is branding?