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How to use AI logo Generator?

Curious about creating a logo using artificial intelligence? Well, you’re in for a treat! Using an AI logo generator is like having a creative companion that turns your ideas into visual wonders. In just a few clicks, you can bring your vision to life, exploring endless possibilities to craft a unique and eye-catching logo for your brand or project.

AI logo Generator

Let’s dive into the world of AI logos generator and unlock the secrets to effortlessly designing a logo that speaks volumes about your style and identity.

Features AI Logo Generator

Make awesome logos in no time using AI

Make your brand stand out with PicsArt’s free AI logo generator. It’s super easy – type your brand name, pick your favourite colours, tell us what your business is about, and voila! You’ll get lots of great logo ideas. The smart AI logo maker connects your brand name and industry to create fit logos. It’s a quick and cool way to give your brand a unique and polished look.

Make special logos just for your brand

Creating cool logos is a breeze now. Make a quick and easy brand look for your business without any hassle. Just pick your favourite colours and tell us what your business is about. We’ll give you four different logos each time. If you don’t love any of them, no worries – you can keep generating more until you find the perfect logo for your business.

Save money with the AI logo maker

Score a double win by saving time and money when creating your logo. The AI logo maker gives you a fantastic logo at a much lower cost, and you don’t have to compromise on quality.

Create logos for any kind of business

Smart AI allows the Picsart logo maker to make logos for all businesses. Whether it’s a cute Etsy fashion store, a cookie brand you started at home, or even a vet clinic, the AI uses its clever brain to create just the right logos for you.

Give your AI logos a personal touch with Picsart

Change up your logos using all the cool design tools in Picsart. Adjust how your logo looks with Effects and Overlays. Add special touches like distressed paper or shiny lights to give it character, or throw in a watercolour effect to make it artsy. You can also add text or cool elements using a big collection of stickers and shapes. And guess what? It’s all in one easy-to-use editing space.

Big companies, new startups, small businesses, and even just for yourself.

Take control of making your logo

Do you have a specific idea for your logo but need to figure out how to make it? Use Picsart’s simple and easy design tool to create your logo without expensive professional software. Explore a big collection of ready-made templates, stickers, and effects to create a fantastic logo easily.

Give your logo a personal touch with AI

Use the AI photo editor to edit your AI logos easily. Make branding mockups and product photos in a snap using the text-to-image AI generator and add your new logo. Want some text, too? No problem – let the AI Writer help. And if you want to remove something from your logo, the AI-powered object remover can do it super quickly and precisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click More Tools in the left sidebar to find the AI logo generator.

Yes, you can try it for free.

Customize your logo using Picsart’s built-in photo editor.

The photo editor uses filters, effects, and various fonts.

Click the “Generate” button.

Click “Add to canvas” to customize your design.


In conclusion, using the AI logo generator is a simple and free way to create your unique logo. With just a few clicks, you can generate a logo, customize it with Picsart’s handy photo editor, and make it yours. Whether a beginner or a pro, this tool makes logo creation easy and fun, giving you the power to design a logo that perfectly represents you or your brand.
Happy logo-making.

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